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Sunday, October 28, 2007

LYS in Portland

The last week in November I'm headed to Long Beach, then to San Francisco, then the first week in December, I am on to Portland. Just looked up yarn shops in Portland, and look what came up

Red Sox and Knitting

So I got to be at home for the last three innings of the fourth game of the World Series. And while I am not ordinarily a Red Sox fan, (Rangers fan by proxy,) I am really happy that an American League team won. And perhaps more importantly, the team that has Eric Gagne as a pitcher. :)

Anyway, I was able to make some good progress on Sateen's Crocodile scarf during the last three innings. I sent off my Secret Pal pressie, so I hope she receives it soon.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

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Prairie Sadness

I have come to the world of Brown Sheep's Prairie Silk too late. They are going to stop manufacturing the lovely yarn because silk is very expensive right now. The colors are so rich. And it is really soft - soft enough to wear against your skin. I'm tempted to grab up as much as I can before it disappears. I am thinking perhaps woven scarves and knit caps for Christmas gifts. But it takes four to six skeins for a scarf and at least three for a hat.

In other news, I am so loving the new Radiohead. Once again, a fine release from one of my all time favorite bands.

And I was asked today to write a review for the new Nick Drake boxed set. I'm quite honored really. I'll link it when it's published.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Corn dogs and Big Tex

Happy first day of the Fair! The State Fair of Texas began today! I can hear Big Tex while sitting in my office. I did not make it over to the fiber building, but I will make sure to see all of the incredible projects on Monday. And I can't wait to see the sheep, llamas, and goats. I love the creatures who share their fibers with us.
I have not spent enough time knitting in the past two weeks. We've just opened a new exhibition at work and I've spent most of my awake hours there. I'm going to the weaving shop tomorrow for a fiber fix.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Just got home from the Rangers game versus the Anaheim/LA Angels. I really need to learn the correct city they represent. The Rangers won! Yea!!! And my friend Upstairs Patrick and I were able to catch up, eat poorly, and grieve the loss of one of our favorite players, Eric Gange (pronounced Gahn-yay.) Anyway, perhaps he will come back to Texas soon. Perfect night.

I received an email from my friend who the Croc Scarf is for. She sent me a picture of this scarf...

Wonder if this is a hint? I wonder if a black and dark grey would work as well? This could be a really great Christmas gift for my sister too. And Nico. And Sateen. And....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Monday

Last week was crazy and disappeared as I served as lucky juror number 11 in a four day criminal trial. Who would have thought that I would have been selected? A couple of really good things came out of the experience:
1. I finished reading books 1 & 2 of the Harry Potter series.
2. I began working on a lovely green scarf for my friend Sateen Duraluxe.
3. I feel really good about our justice system.
4. I feel really proud to have served my community.

Saturday morning I went to the weaving center and priced and organized a lovely shipment of new yarns. (Saturday's are great!) And the new magazine Spin Off had just arrived. It's really great because Interweave seems to be moving the spun yarn into more knitting projects as opposed to weaving projects. As I am a yarn lover first, knitter second, spinner third, and most recently a very beginning weaver, I am content either direction they so choose.

So I will share a bit about my scarf project. Thinking that if I begin now, surely it will be complete by Christmas, it is a beautiful green silk and alpaca 2-ply hand-spun created by my friend Becky of spinning wheelers in east Texas. She introduced me to spinning, and I am constantly awed by her products. I am going with a basis k1,p1 pattern, but because the fiber is thinner in some spots and thicker in others, the pattern looks like crocodile skin. So i will call this a Crocodile Scarf. And yes, for all of you Reptile Fest fans, a crocodile is a reptile.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Ashland Colonial

Oh I found a picture of my new multi-colored top.

September 1

It's the first of September. September is going to be exciting! I purchased some beautiful Ashland combed top for spinning. So lovely. The predominant color is a brick red color but with blue and harvest yellow accents. Should spin beautifully.

I went to the Shabby Sheep today a picked out a few things for my SP. I am really looking forward to this round.

My current sock project is a little frustrating because when working on the decreases of the gusset, the "work even" portions are looking anything but even. So I think I am going to rip out the last few rounds and try again. Something is just not right.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I have just completed the setup of my new internet, which will make my blogging considerably easier.

As for a knitting update, SP11 is just about to get kicked off! I have my match and am ready to begin spoiling her.

On the needles, I have a basic teal blue sock on #2 DPNS in the works. I am currently volunteering in the local weaving center and am also learning how to weave. Will post pics of everything soon!